Talk to a Tech

Call us today toll-free at 1-866-457-5937 to schedule a technical phone support call. We will help troubleshoot the issues you are having with your lighting control system. We have replacement parts for many systems and can schedule a field service visit if necessary.

Here are some examples of common issues we can assist you with over the phone*:technical-support-cog.png

  • Resetting your lighting control system (usually after a power outage, surge or sag)
  • Resetting your lighting console
  • Very basic reprogramming of wall or control stations
  • Diagnosing a lighting issue (flickering lights, time clock issues, etc.)
  • Questions about converting to LED (We HIGHLY recommend you speak to a professional before making any type of switch!  All LED's do NOT work with all DIMMING systems!!)
  • Questions about upgrading or retrofitting your wall control stations (especially those that are no longer supported).
  • Questions about keeping your old systems running
  • Questions about budgeting/planning for new systems

*Note!  Each and every system is unique!  Our ability to answer may be dependent on the components of your system. Don't see your questions listed above?  Give us a call!  Our techs love to solve problems and love to help!