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Macro Electronics Dimmers

Macro Electronics Dimmers is also know as Leviton Macro and Leviton Macro Electronics. Leviton acquired Macro Electronics Corporation in the 1990s. Get service, repairs, and replacement parts for your Macro Electronics System here with Knight Sound & Lighting.

  • Leviton Macro Pre-Set Family Product Specifications Sheet

    Leviton Macro Preset Family Product Specifications Leviton Macro Control Stations Call Knight Sound & Lighting for free tech support on your Leviton Macro system. Provides specifications for DPS-POWER, DPS-II, DMS, ENTRY AND PRE stations A whole...

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  • Leviton Macro MDS, Leviton MDS

    Leviton MDS Dimmer Cabinets

    Please call us at 1-866-457-5937 so we can determine the configuration and provide a custom price quote. The Modular Dimming Systems (MDS) line from Leviton present high quality, made-to-order dimming systems that are cost effective. Modular...

  • Leviton MDSDM

    Leviton MDSDM dimmer module

    Leviton Modular Dimming System (MDS) dimmer modules are used in conjunction with Leviton MDS (Leviton Macro) dimmer cabinets. Leviton’s Universal dimmers are designed to control standard incandescent lighting sources including quartz and...