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ILC LightSync

We can service or provide parts for your Intelligent Lighting Controls (ILC) LightSync data line products.  

Please call us at 1-866-457-5937 to find out more.

The ILC LightSync series includes the following:

LightSync Classic Data Line Switch
LightSync G2 Data Line Switch
LightSync Touch Screen Station
LightSync Key Switch
LightSync Line Voltage Dimmer
LightSync Disable Key Switch
LightSync Photo Sensor
LightSync Photo Sensor 4
LightLEEDer LightSync Occupancy Sensor Input Module
LightSync Occupancy Sensor 8 Input Module
LightSync Input Module
LightSync Conditional Input Module
LightSync Dimming Module
LightSync Motor Control Module
LightSync Data Line Transient Suppressor
LightSync Touch Switch
LightSync Slide Switch
LightSync PSR & PS
LightSync Device Hub

  • ILC 2R9C Relay

    ILC 2R9C Relay

    ILC 2R9C Relay • For Intelligent Lighting Controls relay systems• Single moving contact design • Made in the USA • Rated 20 Amps @ 120, 277 and 347VAC • SCCR rated to 18,000 Symmetrical Amps • Latching contacts • Easy...

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  • ILC LightSync Exterior Photocell for Intelligent Lighting Controls systems

    ILC LightSync Exterior Photocell

    ILC LightSync Exterior Photocell   Used in the LightSync series of Intelligent Lighting Controls System Monitors light levels indoors or outdoors  Light range from 1 to 1800 foot candles  Communicates directly on the data...

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  • ILC LightSync G2 switch ILC LightSync G2

    ILC LightSync G2 push button control station

    ILC LightSync G2 Push Button Control Station. This comes in a variety of button configurations, from 1 button to 6 button. Also available in white, ivory, and gray colors. The LightSync G2 data line switch from ILC offers all the functionality of the...

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  • ILC LightSync Switch Vue Manual

    ILC LightSync Switch Vue Manual

    ILC LightSync Switch Vue Manual This manual includes enclosure dimensions, mounting plate/mud ring dimensions details, bezel face plate dimensions,remote transformer installation, switch vue hardware installation, cat5 and power wiring...

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