Wireless Systems

IMPORTANT NOTE!  If you have a wireless system operating in the D Band (600 MHz) the FCC has sold those frequencies and it will be come ILLEGAL to use them by 2020!  Click HERE to see if you qualify for REBATES in order to upgrade.

Wireless microphone systems are microphone systems that have no physical cables that connect them to the sound system components (other than at the receiver level).  Wireless microphone systems provide freedom of movement for many theatrical and public speaking applications.  There are several different types of wireless microphone systems:

- Handheld wireless microphone systems use a handheld microphone with a built-in transmitter.  The receiver is located off-stage to connect the microphone to the audio system.  These are commonly used for lead vocalists.

- Lavalier (lav) or lapel wireless microphone systems use a small body-worn microphone that is typically attached to clothing (typically a collar or shirt) with a clothing clip and can easily be hidden from view.  These are often used for public speaking, theatrical productions and pastors/priests/rabbis for church services.

- Combo/dual transmitter wireless microphone systems typically do not include a microphone and either a handheld or lavaliere microphone can be added to the system.  Some include dual-transmitter capability.

- Headset wireless microphone systems use headset or headworn microphones for hands-free operation.

- Instrument wireless microphone systems plug the instrument directly into the transmitter for sound projection.

- Video camera mount wireless microphone systems are designed primarily to be used with video cameras.

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