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What do you mean MY WIRELESS mics are going to be PHASED OUT?!

What do you mean MY WIRELESS mics are going to be PHASED OUT?!

Posted by Stacy Knight, Audio-Technica on 5th Feb 2018

Good news!  Audio-Technica's wireless rebates have been extended through March 31, 2020!!

It's true.  Thousands of wireless microphone systems in churches, theaters and high schools across the country are currently operating under frequencies that are being PHASED OUT by the FCC.  For example, if you have any type of Audio-Technica D-Band wireless that operates between the 614 – 698 MHz range, your system will eventually be prohibited from operating.  The good news is that your system will be eligible for trade-in!  Our friends at Audio-Technica have written a very clear explanation of what is happening and what you can do to be prepared.  We urge you to read the information presented, below and to check whether your current system may be effected.  

What brought about these changes to the 600 MHz band?

Congress authorized the FCC to use incentive auctions as a means to free up spectrum in the 600 MHz band for wireless broadband use. Bidding in the broadcast television spectrum incentive auction concluded on March 30, 2017. On April 13, 2017, the FCC announced the results of the auction and the repacking of the TV spectrum. One result of this auction and repack is that the use of wireless microphone systems in much of the 600 MHz band will eventually not be permitted. For additional information, please visit the FCC’s Broadcast Incentive Auction page.

If I have a 600 MHz wireless system, do I need to switch to a new system immediately?

Depending on your location, you may be able to use your 600 MHz system until summer of 2020. However, in some situations you will be affected sooner. In some locations auction winners will be able to register and start testing or using spectrum as soon as they are ready. There is no way to predict when that will happen. However, in those instances, wireless microphone users will have to cease operation in those specific frequencies. You should take this into consideration as you plan your purchases and budget for new wireless systems.

You can expect to see innovative new solutions from wireless manufacturers that operate outside of the auctioned spectrum. These, along with currently available technologies, will allow users to operate while complying with new regulations and in available spectrum. (You can view the Transition Schedule on the FCC’s website, and see which TV stations and regions of the country will be affected by each of the FCC’s 10 repack phases by viewing the Phase Maps at These tools will also show you what parts of the spectrum affected broadcasters are moving to, which should be considered when planning wireless purchases.

What has Audio-Technica done to address the 600 MHz transition?

Since introducing our first wireless microphone system in 1986, we have been a leader in developing innovative products for the wireless market. Over the past several years, in response to the incentive auctions and repacks (first in the 700 MHz band and now in the 600 MHz band), Audio-Technica has introduced several new systems that operate outside the TV bands, such as the various models of our System 10 digital wireless (operating at 2.4 GHz), our 6000 Series high density wireless (900 MHz), our ATCS-60 discussion system (infrared) and the GTX Series Ultra-Wideband wireless (6-10 GHz), which is produced by our affiliate Alteros.

How long will Audio-Technica continue to sell wireless systems that operate in the 600 MHz band?

We have discontinued all of our 600 MHz wireless systems in North America, effective April 21, 2017.

Which Audio-Technica wireless systems operate in the 600 MHz band?

1800 Series (D-Band), 2000 Series (D-Band), 3000 Series (D-Band), 4000 Series (D-Band), 5000 Series (D-Band), M2 (M-Band), M3 (M-Band).

Which Audio-Technica wireless systems do not operate in the 600 MHz band?

1800 Series (C-Band), 2000 Series (I-Band), 3000 Series (C-Band and I-Band), 4000 Series (C-Band), 5000 Series (C-Band), M2 (L-Band), M3 (L-Band), all System 10 digital wireless products, 6000 Series (S-Band), ATCS-60 discussion system (infrared) and the Alteros GTX Series.

When the time comes, which type of system should I switch to?

This will depend on your intended applications and your budget. For some users, it may make sense to move to a system that operates below the 600 MHz band. Others may benefit from avoiding the TV bands altogether and switching to a system such as our 2.4 GHz System 10 or 900 MHz 6000 Series. Please contact us at for technical support on choosing your new wireless system.  

Will Audio-Technica help wireless users transition to a new system?

Yes. We are offering a 600 MHz Wireless Trade-in Rebate through March 31, 2019. **EXTENDED THROUGH MARCH 31, 2020!!** Please contact for information regarding a Trade-in Rebate.  

If you'd like more info, please fill out this WIRELESS SURVEY.