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NSI Lighting Controls Dimmers and Lighting Consoles--Where did they go???

NSI Lighting Controls Dimmers and Lighting Consoles--Where did they go???

Posted by Mark Knight on 21st Feb 2019

Do you own an NSI Lighting Controls Dimmer, Lighting Console, Lighting fixtures, and/or an architectural control system? Are you find it hard to repair, service or replace this equipment?  If so, we can help! Knight Sound & Lighting Inc. has been servicing, supporting, and selling NSI products for over twenty (20) years and can provide you with the customer support and the answers you are looking for on your NSI products. But first, a little history of NSI and its products!  

Where did NSI Lighting Controls go? Well, NSI Lighting Controls was acquired by Leviton manufacturing and became Leviton Lighting Controls. Leviton Lighting Controls is still in business and we are an authorized service agency and a sales agency for Leviton Lighting Controls. If they still make the original NSI Lighting Controls product, we can access the product and provide it to you in the form of a new product, repair of an existing product, or upgrade to a new product.


NSI started in the portable dimmer market making dimmer packs for the guitar and music stores that musicians and DJ’s could afford to purchase and use with standard PAR 56 and PAR 64 Lighting Fixtures. Yes, they sold the PAR lighting fixtures, as well as the dimmers. A picture of a standard portable or satellite dimmer pack is shown at the top of this blog.

Don’t worry the portable NSI Dimmer is still made today by Leviton Lighting Controls as the D4DMX (3pin or 5pin) and can be purchased from our website at HERE.



NSI recognized that not all applications could use the portable dimmer pack. In the following years, they developed the rack mount dimmer rack (pack), which increased the number of dimmers from 2, 4, or 6 on the portable dimming pack to 8 or 12 on the rack mount dimmer rack. Leviton has continued to make and sell the NSI developed dimmer racks, which can be found at the following link: NSI Dimmers The most common form is the Leviton NSI DS Dimmer Rack in either an 8 or 12 dimmer format. These rack mount dimmers are meant for either more permanent installations or mounting in a touring rack (many on wheels for the weight load).


When a rack mounted or a portable dimmer pack was not appropriate for the installation, NSI (now Leviton) made and continues to make the Leviton NSI 2404-CD and 2408-CD Commercial Dimmer Packs. The NSI 2404-CD has four dimmers and the 2408-CD has eight dimmers. These Commercial Dimmer Packs are permanently mounted and are commonly used in permanent installations for churches, theatres, schools, conference rooms, and other permanent installations. Information on the Leviton NSI 2404-CD and NSI 2408-CD is available at NSI Commercial Dimmer Pack.


In addition to the portable dimmers, NSI also made small lighting consoles that could work with the portable NSI dimmer packs. An example of an NSI lighting console is the MC7008, which is pictured below. This small, but mighty lighting console provided for 2-scene operation, bump buttons, chases, and could also be used in a single scene with memory scenes. Another thing that NSI created was a Microplex communication language, which was a predecessor of DMX control signal (DMX is now a lighting standard for communication with dimmers and lighting fixtures). You can find the current lineup of the Leviton NSI Lighting Consoles (Controllers) at NSI Lighting Controller.

NSI MC 7008


As NSI continued to grow and develop, they realized that they not only created dimmers, lighting consoles, and stage fixtures; but that their systems were also being installed into churches, theatres, and schools. This meant that they needed to develop an architectural control system, so the users of the system could control the system without knowing how to turn on and operate a lighting console. In order to satisfy this marketplace, NSI developed both the Remembrance Control Stations (analog and DMX), 400CP Control Stations, and the 800CP Control Stations. Each control system filled a niche and worked with all of the dimmer systems, as listed above with either analog control wires, Microplex, DMX, and/or LumaNet Network. A picture of the Leviton NSI 404CP Control station is pictured below.

Both the Leviton NSI 400 and 800CP Series are still made, sold, and repaired to this day. More information can be found at NSI Wall Stations.

The Leviton NSI Remembrance Control Stations were recently discontinued, but we can still repair them as needed. In addition, we do have alternative control stations (from other manufacturers) that can take their place. More information about the Leviton NSI Remembrance Control Stations can be found HERE.

If you don’t see an NSI Lighting Controls Product listed on either this blog or our website at, just give us a phone call at 866-457-5937 or send us an e-mail at We can help to fix, repair, and make your NSI Lighting Controls Products working again to their full capability. We have several technicians who know the NSI Lighting Control Product Line and can help with the support of these products. Our technical phone support is free. Just give us a phone call!