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Macro Electronics dimming & control – where did they go?

Macro Electronics dimming & control – where did they go?

Posted by Mark A. Knight on 16th Oct 2018

Macro Electronics Corporation (MEC) was a dimming and controls company that was based in Austin, Texas. MEC created a modular, convention cooled (no fans) dimming system that worked well with incandescent and fluorescent lighting fixtures. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, MEC was acquired by Leviton Lighting Controls. Just a short time later, Leviton also acquired NSI/Colortran in Tualatin, OR. All of these manufacturers were combined into the new "Leviton Lighting Controls Division."

We are able to provide technical support and service on your existing Macro (Leviton) Electronics Dimming and Control Systems. Please contact our office at 866-457-5937 or through our website at


Leviton MDS Dimmer Cabinets

The picture above is of the Leviton MDS (Modular Dimming System). The same design was moved from Macro Electronics to the Leviton MDS dimming system.

Leviton MDS dimmer cabinets are premium quality convection-cooled systems capable of intermixing multiple voltage feeds and emergency provisions in a single cabinet. The system is completely factory wired and tested prior to shipment so that the Electrical Contractor has only one cabinet to mount and wire.  It comes completely ready for the contractor’s power and control field wiring. Barriered sections allow 120 volt, 277 volt, and emergency feeds all brought into a single cabinet for ease of field wiring. No need for jobsite conduit runs between multiple cabinets. Dimmers for this system can drive virtually any brand of fluorescent dimming ballasts. A wide variety of the latest controls and control technologies are available for use with these dimmers and cabinets. Three series of Leviton digital control systems -- the D8000, D4200 and DMS -- allow multiple presets to be stored and recalled. They offer user-friendly operation and simple communication between the dimmer cabinet and control stations via 2 serial data wires and 2 series low-voltage control power wires. MDS cabinets accept analog inputs from DPS series control systems. The DPS four-scene preset system is by far the industry’s simplest and easiest control system to learn to operate today. The robust and conservative design of this equipment makes it ideal for 24/7 continuous service applications where it is continuously "on line."


The original MCE dimmers were analog and used a standard analog control voltage. The analog control signal system would have been a DPS or DPS-II control system. For example an MCE DPS-II was a four-scene preset system designed to operate dimmers in a remote cabinet. The system drives loads of any type or size and uses up to 12 channels of control. The DPS-II units drive - via low-voltage control wiring - a remote dimmer cabinet of any size and also drive loads of any size and type. A locking door can be provided to protect the preset programming.

The picture below is of a Leviton Macro DPS-II Control Station, which had been added to the Leviton line up.


Next, the MCE dimmers switched to a digital control signal called DMS, which allowed for the control of up to 32 channels of dimming. The DMS is a fully digital control system; has the capability to control up to 32 channels of dimming of any type; and is available in an eight-scene version or a sixteen-scene version. The dimmers are located in a remote dimmer cabinet, and can control loads of any type i.e. fluorescent, incandescent, neon, HID, low-voltage, and non-dim. A key switch on the panel can disable the programming capability to ensure no unauthorized changes can be made once the presets are programmed. However, by selecting manual mode, all dimmer channels can be set to any light level without regard to the stored presets.

Below is a picture of a Leviton version of the Macro DMS Control Station.


The DPS-Power unit is a self-contained four-scene preset system capable of directly dimming one fully loaded 20 ampere lighting circuit, divided up in any proportion across up to 6 channels of control.  With Auxiliary power units, even larger loads can be handled. No remote dimmer cabinet is needed.  This is an excellent choice for up to six small loads.

Below is a picture of the Leviton version of the Macro DPS-Power Dimmers and Control Station in one unit.

We can provide service and support on the Macro Electronics Dimmers and Control Systems. Many of the parts are able to be repaired and/or replaced with new components.

We have a direct replacement for the trigger card on the Macro Dimmers, which can be purchased from our online store at the following website link: Leviton Macro Firing Card-120 Volt (277 Volt also available).

A picture of the replacement trigger card for the Macro Dimmers is below.

Johnson Systems Firing Card for Macro System

In addition, we are able to retrofit old control systems with new control systems for many more years of service. For technical support, please contact us at 866-457-5937 or through our website at