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Knight Sound & Lighting Upgrades CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska from MicroLite 1000R Relay System to ILC LighLEEDer

Knight Sound & Lighting Upgrades CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska from MicroLite 1000R Relay System to ILC LighLEEDer

Posted by Heather Knight & Ed Gurski on 16th Mar 2018

CenturyLink Center (Omaha, NE) has just utilized Knight Sound & Lighting to upgrade from MicroLite to ILC LightLEEDer

CenturyLink Center is a beautiful venue which has some very unique qualities as well as 32 MicroLite 1000R relay panels. Not only is CenturyLink Center an arena that houses major concerts, basketball games, and live events, but the facility also has a convention center. Since CenturyLink Center has both an arena and a convention center, the size of the facility is much larger than most standard arenas. The existing MicroLite system controlled all of the main lighting for both areas – the arena and the convention center.

Like any major live event facility, CenturyLink Center still needed to replace the lighting system and maintain control of the lights when they had an event, even during the upgrade process. Knight Sound & Lighting started on the convention center side of the facility, and with Commonwealth Electric acting as the electrical contractor service agent, replaced the panels one at a time. When the new ILC LightLEEDer retrofit system was in place we were able to run both the MicroLite and ILC systems at the same time, giving CenturyLink Center full control until every MicroLite panel was replaced with an ILC panel. Once completed we had lighting control and graphic controls in the ILC LightLEEDer system which were similar to the old MicroLite system.

"This was a big project that needed a lot of coordination between all parties. Knight Sound & Lighting sent a very friendly and knowledgeable technician to assist with the more complicated parts of the upgrade. After the new system was installed, they took the time to listen and implement some new ideas on how to operate the system. Now we have a lighting system that is up to date, more advanced and easier to use. W e couldn’t be happier with the product and the service Knight Sound and Lighting has provided.” 

-Gino Meyer, Manager of A/V Technology, CenturyLink Center


CenturyLink CenterILC LightLEEDerILC


With the input of the facility, we modernized the graphics and gave them a new look. We also upgraded the desktop and touchscreen computers to Windows 7 and landed the system on the computer network. This is a nice addition because the main desktop can now be accessed from anywhere on the network (with permission from the facility’s IT dept.) instead of only at the physical computer. With ILC LightLEEDer you can also use Android and Apple apps to control the lighting system. In the case of CenturyLink Center, the ILC wireless app control was used for the staff's iPad. The maintenance staff no longer has to run back and forth to the desktop or touchscreens to turn on/off lights. They can simply pull the lights up on their iPad and in seconds turn on/off lights. So now the site has a new system that is up to date and was installed with little-to-no-down time. The new ILC LightLEEDer system is also providing additional features, such as compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems, iPad control, new graphics, and currently manufactured parts, while still giving the facility the same recognizable feel as the old MicroLite system -- thus providing an easy transition into the new ILC retrofit system.

Knight Sound and Lighting would like to thank the electricians with Commonwealth Electric (Omaha, NE) as well as the very helpful staff at CenturyLink Center for the opportunity to make this project a success.

Why upgrade from a MicroLite relay or breaker system to a new lighting control system?

Many arenas, stadiums, convention centers, and large venues across the United States have MicroLite lighting control systems. Knight Sound & Lighting has been working on MicroLite relay and breaker systems for much of the last few decades. The MicroLite systems are high-quality, long-running systems which provide great lighting control functionality. Unfortunately, the MicroLite systems are no longer actively manufactured and spare parts are becoming more difficult to obtain. MicroLite also only offers computer control up to the Windows XP operating system. The MicroLite system is incompatible with operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 10, which were developed after Windows XP.

Why choose Knight Sound & Lighting to service your MicroLite system or upgrade to a new system?

Knight Sound & Lighting is a factory authorized MicroLite service agency. We are also one of the few remaining companies in the US that still carries MicroLite parts in stock (both new and refurbished) and also can provide very knowledgeable MicroLite technical support. We have been working on MicroLite systems for over 20 years and still provide field service, parts, and technical support. Over the years we started thinking about some options for the future of MicroLite systems and how to help customers as MicroLite systems start to become obsolete. Eventually we will run out of replacement parts as well as compatible MicroLite XP computers (there are MicroLite components that have to be installed into the XP computers). Knight Sound & Lighting has partnered with Intelligent Lighting Controls (ILC) and produced a retrofit for the MicroLite systems called ILC LightLEEDer.

Why is there a cost savings in retrofitting the MicroLite system instead of replacing from scratch?

We have found that upgrading MicroLite systems with ILC LightLEEDer saves facilities both time and money. Every MicroLite panel has a metal cage insert that contains the interface components and all the relays. To upgrade from MicroLite to ILC LightLEEDer, you will use a qualified electrician to lift the line/load power from each relay and move them to the side. Then you can easily take out the insert using a 1/4" nut driver at the four corners. The ILC LightLEEDer inserts replace the old MicroLite inserts and are installed using self-tapping metal screws. Once this is installed the line/load for each relay can be landed back onto the relays and the panel upgrade is completed. You keep the same conduit work and enclosures thus saving significant material cost and labor time versus a full rip-out of the MicroLite system.

Please call us at 1-866-457-5937 if you should need MicroLite field service, parts, technical support, or a quote to upgrade from MicroLite to ILC LightLEEDer.  You can also click the following link to explore the quotation process:   Microlite Request Form.