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Interactive Technologies-Wireless Control, Computer Interfacing, and Replacement Control Stations that can use the Existing Control Wires

Interactive Technologies-Wireless Control, Computer Interfacing, and Replacement Control Stations that can use the Existing Control Wires

Posted by Mark Knight on 29th Jan 2018

Who is Interactive Technologies and why should I care about them?

Interactive Technologies makes several control products for the lighting control industry. Our company, Knight Sound & Lighting Inc has used their products on several retrofit projects to replace the existing lighting controls with Interactive Technologies.

What is so good about Interactive Technologies?

  1. The Interactive Technologies Cue Server (very small computer server) packs a lot of capabilities into a very small box called the Cue Server. The Cue Server is capable of receiving DMX, transmitting DMX, connecting to a computer for remote access, connecting to a WiFi App for remote control, operating time schedules, receiving inputs, MIDI, and so much more. More information can be found at the following website link:

  2. Picture of Cue Server
  3. Many existing lighting control systems used hard wired control stations with proprietary wiring. This means that you MUST use a specific type of control wiring. If you replace the existing control station with a new control station, then you must replace the control wiring with new control wiring that can be expensive and take time to install. However, with the Interactive Technologies 2 wire control station (Ultra Digital 2 Wire Control Station), you can use any control wire (and we have). You can find out more information at the following website link: of Ultra Station
  4. Many users of lighting control systems have no way to access their system remotely. However, with the Interactive Technologies Cue Server and a WiFi Router, you can connect to the system with a WiFi App on your phone and/or tablet and control the lights in your facility. The following website describes the WiFi Apps: Don’t worry if you have an Android device, there is also an Android App that works fine. We have used it on several sites and I use it on my phone.iphone-3
  5. Built-in astronomical time clock schedule for the automatic turning on and off of the lighting system. timer
  6. Built in connection to the Cue Server via a standard Ethernet Connection. This allows you to operate, program, and monitor the lighting control system through a standard ethernet connection and a computer. The Cue Server comes with a small software program that allows you to setup the Cue Server and then you connect to the Cue Server via a standard computer’s brower window (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and so forth).stage-3
  7. This system can be scaled up or down to meet the size of the project. If you have one or up to 32 DMX universes of control, it is possible to increase the size of the system.
  8. PRICE-this system is very reasonably priced for the features listed above and the many features that I have not gone into during this blog.

In addition to the Cue Server System, Interactive Technologies also has the SceneStation, which is a DMX input and output, stand alone control station for small installations. The SceneStation does not give you as many features as the Cue Server, but in a lot of applications, the SceneStation is the perfect fit. You can find more information about the SceneStation at the following website link: of SceneStation

In conclusion, if you are looking for a price sensitive (does not cost an arm and leg), very capable, and expandable lighting control system; look no further than Interactive Technologies Lighting Control Systems.