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ILC Quanta Elite can be upgraded with ILC LightLEEDer

ILC Quanta Elite can be upgraded with ILC LightLEEDer

Posted by Ed Gurski, Senior Lighting Technician on 26th Jan 2018

I was on a job recently and the site was having issues with their existing Intelligent Lighting Controls (ILC) Quanta Elite Lighting Control system. The site had an old ILC Quanta Elite system which is no longer being manufactured, has limited technical support, and is running out of replacement parts.  We would encourage all sites with an ILC Quanta Elite system to consider updating the system with an ILC LightLEEDer.

ILC has a retrofit of the old ILC Quanta Elite in the new ILC LightLEEDer model. We would use the existing ILC Quanta Elite enclosure, wiring, transformers, and relays. You would basically replace the main processor and relay input/output boards that are located in the middle of the panel. Once this is replaced you can run the system via USB, TCP/IP, Bacnet, Modbus, and via other options as well. This upgrade from ILC Quanta Elite to ILC LightLEEDer saves the site significant time and money since you don't have to replace 60% of the panel and you also don't need to hire an electrician (since it is low voltage replacement).  With this upgrade you will also get the new advanced functionality bells and whistles that come with the ILC LightLEEDer software (which is free). For an extra cost you can purchase the ILC Insite Graphic software. This comes in handy if you have a large facility and want individual control of areas from a quick click of a button using graphical icons. 

The ILC LightLEEDer upgrade is also compatible with many other older systems, such as the ILC Lightmaster systems and Microlite relay systems.

For further details please contact Knight Sound and Lighting @ 1-866-457-5937 or