​Do I have to replace my Colortran ENR (aka Leviton or NSI Topaz) system?

​Do I have to replace my Colortran ENR (aka Leviton or NSI Topaz) system?

Posted by Stacy Knight on 22nd Jun 2017

No! –The Colortran ENR (aka Leviton or NSI Topaz) system can operate efficiently for many more years!

As a technician in the field, I hear this question all the time and my response is simply, “NO!” Knight Sound & Lighting has been working with this product line for over 25 years and continues to keep thousands of Colortran ENR systems functional to this day. The Colortran ENR dimming system – also known as Leviton or NSI Topaz – may be discontinued, but it remains as one of the true icons of theatrical and architectural dimming.

Knight Sound & Lighting has made it a priority to source replacement parts in order to keep our clients up and running. We can repair virtually every type of Colortran ENR or Viewpoint control module (these modules are the “brains” of the system). In addition, we can repair dimmer modules and wall control stations (including Viewpoint, Remembrance and other NSI brands). Finally, we can provide brand new replacement parts for certain dimmers, EE prom memory cards, and fans. So why replace the system when we can still repair and keep the system running smoothly?

There are many benefits – besides cost savings – to maintaining your Colortran ENR (aka Leviton or NSI Topaz) system. These systems provide smooth dimming and work flawlessly with all traditional lighting fixtures. They also provide excellent architectural control with the ability to pre-program different lighting “looks” at the touch of a button. Many of our clients also tell us there is much to be said for “familiarity!”

What about LED’s you might ask? It’s true that the Colortran ENR system was strictly designed to work with incandescent lighting and was never meant to control LED lights. However, in most cases these dimming systems are able to work successfully with newer LED technology.

It is important to note that these traditional dimming systems utilize Forward-Phase dimming and LED fixtures really prefer Reverse-Phase dimming. Knight Sound & Lighting has been working with a variety of LED manufacturers and has sourced several extremely reliable Forward-Phase dimmable LED’s for your theatrical fixtures. We have also partnered with well-known lighting engineers and can now provide a retrofit for your existing house fixtures. So, if you have a custom chandelier, sconce, pendant or – well, you name it – we can provide an LED retrofit that is right for you and your needs and that will work with your existing Colortran (Leviton/NSI Topaz) dimming system.

Every system will need to be upgraded eventually, but this can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the scope of the system. It is also important to factor in down-time for installation and adjustment to the new system. By contrast, most facilities can maintain existing Colortran ENR (aka Leviton or NSI Topaz) systems for an average of a few hundred dollars a year. Want to extend the life of your current system? Contact us for a one-time cleaning and inspection or for information about our Preventative Maintenance services. We can inventory, clean and inspect your Colortran ENR (aka Leviton or NSI Topaz) system and provide recommendations for component level repairs.

Please call us toll free at 1-866-457-5937 for further details or to setup a free consultation (travel fees may apply if out of state).

Thank you and have a great day.
Ed Gurski. Systems Consultant
Knight Sound and Lighting