Antenna and Antenna Distribution

  • Audio-Technica ATW-BH1

    Audio-Technica ATW-BH1

    Audio-Technica ATW-BH1 Antenna Bulkhead Connector Kit Antenna bulkhead connector kit consists of two BNC-BNC bulkhead-type connectors with mounting hardware and two 3' RG-58 BNC-BNC cables. Permits extension of wireless antenna connection...

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  • Audio-Technica ATW-RM1

    Audio-Technica ATW-RM1

    Audio-Technica ATW-RM1 Rack-Mount Hardware Kit Rack-mount hardware kit for Audio-Technica 2000 and 3000 Series wireless systems and for ATW-DA49 antenna distribution system. Allows mounting a half-rack receiver or distribution system in a 19"...

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  • Audio-Technica ATW-A49

    Audio-Technica ATW-A49

    Audio-Technica ATW-A49 Pair of UHF Wideband LPDA Antennas   Audio Technica ATW-A49 UHF wideband LPDA (Log Periodic Dipole Array) antennas provide enhanced signal pickup for UHF wireless systems operating over 440-900 MHz, a remarkable...

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  • Audio-Technica ATW-A49S

    Audio-Technica ATW-A49S

    Audio-Technica ATW-A49S Single UHF Wide-Band Antenna Single UHF wide-band directional LPDA (log periodic dipole array) antennas provide enhanced signal pickup for UHF wireless systems throughout a wide band range (440-900 MHz). Antenna...

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  • Audio-Technica ATW-49CB

    Audio-Technica ATW-49CB

    Audio-Technica ATW-49CB  Active Antenna Combiner Kit The Audio-Technica ATW-49CB Active Antenna Combiner Kit includes two Active Antenna Combiners designed for use with Audio-Technica 4000 and 5000 Series UHF wireless receivers and ATW-A49 LPDA...

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  • Audio-Technica ATW-DA49

    Audio-Technica ATW-DA49

    Audio-Technica ATW-DA49  UHF Antenna Distribution system   The ATW-DA49 is a UHF (wide-band 440-900 MHz) active unity-gain diversity antenna distribution system that enables one pair of antennas to feed multiple wireless systems. Provides...

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  • Audio-Technica MCB4

    Audio-Technica MCB4

    Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner for Wireless In-Ear Systems, 1-Out 4-In   Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner allows the signals of up to four M3 wireless in-ear monitor stereo transmitters to be combined onto a single transmitting...

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  • Audio-Technica ATW-49SP

    Audio-Technica ATW-49SP

     Audio-Technica ATW-49SP  Antenna Splitter Kit   The Audio-Technica ATW-49SP Active Antenna Splitter Kit includes two Active Antenna Splitters designed for use with Audio-Technica 4000 and 5000 Series UHF wireless receivers and...

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  • Audio-Technica ATW-A54P

    Audio-Technica ATW-A54P

    Audio-Technica ATW-A54P UHF Powered Dipole Antennas Pair Dipole antennas 541-567Mz   Pair of UHF (541-567 MHz) powered dipole antennas provide effective signal pickup for diversity UHF wireless systems where longer antenna runs are...

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