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We can service, repair and sell you parts for your Intelligent Lighting Controls (ILC) LightLEEDer control system.

Please call us at 1-866-457-5937 or email us at info@goknight.com  for more information.

Knight Sound & Lighting is an authorized ILC service agency.



LightLEEDer Lighting Controller Panel 

The LightLEEDer controller is the key to a powerful, dependable, flexible and energy efficient lighting system. LightLEEDer panels come with our new Reliant40 relays which feature a superior four contact design -- the first true 40Amp lighting relay. Reliant40 relays come in 1-, 2- and 3-pole configurations in a robust breaker-style body. LightLEEDer panels range in size from 4 to 64 relay capacity and are equipped with CAT-5 RJ45 connectors for LightSync data line devices and interconnecting panels. Panels include a keyboard and LCD screen, along with USB and TCP/IP connections for easy programming with our free LightLEEDer Pro Software. Add-on modules are available for connecting to BAS, theatrical, or security systems. 

  • 365-day programmable Lighting Control Panel
  • Automatic receptacle plug load control
  • All products Made in the USA
  • LightSync™ switch and accessory ready
  • USB, modem and TCP/IP connectivity available
  • Integrated surge suppression
  • Built-in programming backup and restore
  • Connect up to 254 panels and 16,510 devices together
  • Allows network connections across the Internet
  • Suitable for plenum mounting
  • ILC Intelligent Lighting Controls 2R9C Relay 2 pole relay
    ILC 2R9C Relay
    ILC 2R9C Relay • For Intelligent Lighting Controls relay systems• Single moving contact design • Made in the USA • Rated 20 Amps @ 120, 277 and 347VAC • SCCR rated to 18,000 Symmetrical Amps •...

  • ILC LightLEEDer Output Board/Relay Driver Module for Intelligent Lighting Controls LightLEEDer systems.
    ILC LightLEEDer Output Card
    ILC LightLEEDer Output Card • For Intelligent Lighting Controls Reliant40 relay systems• Controls Reliant40 40Amp relays • Optically isolated output drivers protect electronics • Easy installation...

  • ILC LightLEEDer operation manual
    ILC LightLEEDer Operation Manual
    ILC LightLEEDer Operation Manual Includes product details, installation and programming information for LightLEEDer lighting control systems. This operation manual is designed to assist you in understanding,...

  • ILC LightLEEDer Pro Network Software Manual
    ILC LightLEEDer Pro Network Software Manual
    ILC LightLEEDer Pro Network Software Manual. Includes software, installation and programming information for LightLEEDer lighting control systems to configure and program the system, diagnose the network, and...

  • ILC LightLEEDer Quick Installation and Start up Guide
    ILC LightLEEDer quick install and start up guide
    ILC LightLEEDer quick install and start up guide. This guide will provide basic information for installing the ILC LightLEEDer lighting control panel. Refer to the LightLEEDer Operation Manual for more information and...

  • ILC Lightleeder Insite User Manual
    ILC LightLEEDer InSite User Manual
    ILC LightLEEDer InSite User Manual. This manual includes, program setup, description, minimum computer requirements, setup procedure checklist, installing lightleeder insite software, backing up lightleeder insite data,...

  • ILC LightLEEDer Transformer for Intelligent Lighting Controls systems
    ILC LightLEEDer Transformer
    ILC LightLEEDer Transformer • Multi-tap transformer designed for ILC lighting controls • Model 1186-1000I • 120 or 277 VAC primary • 24 VAC secondary with center tap • Color coded wires •...

  • ILC Intelligent Lighting Controls R40-1 Reliant 40 relay
    ILC Reliant 40 (R40-1) Relay
    ILC Reliant 40 (R40-1) Relay • Rated for 40 Amps • Made in the USA • 4 contact latching design • SCCR rated to 18,000 symmetrical Amps • 1-pole configuration • Manual ON/OFF lever with indicator...


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