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Leviton Remembrance Stations are discontinued from new production but existing units can be repaired to full functionality

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Leviton Remembrance Stations (RMB81) and Colortran Remembrance (CTP-8) stations are discontinued from new production.  However, we can repair your existing Leviton Remembrance stations and bring them back to full functionality!

Leviton Manufacturing has discontinued the new production of Leviton Remembrance Stations.  These are Leviton RMB81 and Colortran CTP-8 model numbers and include both analog Remembrance stations and digital Remembrance stations as well as Remembrance entry stations.  The Remembrance line includes the following products:

Product Description                                                                       Leviton Part #          Colortran Part #

Remembrance Analog Control Stations

Remembrance Analog Control Station, On/Off, 2 Sliders, 2 Gang - RMB81-002, CTP-8-1002

Remembrance Analog Control Station, On/Off, Master and 4 Sliders, 4 Gang - RMB81-004, CTP-8-1004

Remembrance Analog Control Station, On/Off, Master and 6 Sliders, 5 Gang - RMB81-006, CTP-8-1006

Remembrance Entrance Stations

Remembrance Entry Station, On/Off, 1 Gang - RMB81-021, CTP-8-1021

Remembrance Analog Station, 4 Presets, for iSeries e, 2 Gang - RMB81-024, CTP-8-1024

Remembrance Analog Station, 8 Presets, for iSeries e, 2 Gang - RMB81-028, CTP-8-1028

Remembrance DMX Control Stations

Remembrance DMX Station, Master and 4 Sliders, Wall Mount, 4 Gang - RMB81-104, CTP-8-1104

Remembrance DMX Station, Master and 6 Sliders, Wall Mount, 5 Gang - RMB81-106, CTP-8-1106

Remembrance DMX Station, Master and 12 Sliders, Wall Mount, 8 Gang - RMB81-112, CTP-8-1112

Remembrance DMX Station, Master, 4 Sliders and 4 Presets, Wall Mount, for iSeries e, 6 Gang - RMB81-144, CTP-8-1144

*This is not a full listing of all Remembrance products.

Although Leviton has discontinued the production of any new Remembrance stations, the stations are still repairable and can generally be restored to full functionality. If you believe that you may have a Remembrance station installed in your lighting control system that is no longer functioning properly, then please contact Knight Sound & Lighting at 1-866-457-5937 for free technical phone support. We will help you to identify if the Remembrance station has gone bad and can then facilitate the full repair of the station. Station repairs can be expedited so that they are repaired in one business day and then return shipped via overnight. You can see a listing of all of GoKnight's Leviton Remembrance product repairs here: http://www.goknight.com/categories/lighting-controls/leviton-remembrance.html

Please note that Leviton does, at this point in time (June 2017), still have a very limited supply of new stock on some of the Remembrance products.  If you are interested in the few remaining new Remembrance products, then we can certainly check on stock status for you.

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